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horse in field

Diet Adjustments Provide Relief for PSSM Horses

Advances in genetic research have made diagnosis of PSSM straightforward in many cases, and feeding trials have fine-tuned nutritional approaches so that affected horses can lead normal, useful lives.

KER Research

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OCD in weanlings

How Can Dietary Changes Minimize Skeletal Disease in Young Horses?

The purpose of this study was to evaluate if there is a relationship between a glycemic response test and the incidence of osteochodritis dissecans (OCD) in Thoroughbred weanlings, and to determine if this test would be useful in identifying factors that may predispose young growing horses to OCD.


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examining a horse

Muscle Repair in Horses Declines with Age

With age, the functions of cells that play vital roles during the muscle repair process are diminished and as a result, are less capable of the cross-talk required for repair.

General Interest

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horse in barn window

Can Supplements Boost Your Horse’s Brain?

Could the ingredients in human supplements also benefit a horse’s mental state and capacity?